Autonomy tells its story.

A unique permanent installation to dive deep into the roots and history of autonomy and where architecture, culture and history dialogue together with present and future generations. 

Visitors of the permanent exhibition on the South Tyrolean autonomy located in Silvius Magnago Square in Bolzano.

An exhibition about the South Tyrolean Autonomy 

Silvius Magnago Square - Bolzano

A journey of discovery through the history of South Tyrolean autonomy, remembering President Emeritus Silvius Magnago. Visit the exhibition and dive deep into the historical, artistic and cultural heritage of our region! 

The permanent exhibition gives a comprehensive overview of the South Tyrolean autonomy through nine different stations. It shows how South Tyrol’s autonomy was reached, what its central elements are and what values are associated with it. Who was Silvius Magnago, the so-called "Father of autonomy"? What implications does autonomy have for people living in South Tyrol? How does the autonomy regulate the coexistence of different language groups and on what financial basis does it stand? A look beyond the borders of the province and into the future is also attempted: where will autonomy lead us? 

The exhibition appears next to an installation created by the municipality of Bolzano on the figure of Alcide Berloffa, who, together with Silvius Magnago, is one of the most important characters in the history of the South Tyrolean autonomy. 

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"If I hadn’t cared about the future preservation of the autonomy, 
I would have lived entirely in vain." 

Silvius Magnago 

What awaits you



Since 1972, with the second Statute of Autonomy coming into effect, many competences and legislative functions have been attributed to the Province. The permanent exhibition will show you the various stages of implementation and will give you an overview of the powers transferred from the national government to the Autonomous Province of Bolzano - South Tyrol. 

Unique traditions

South Tyrol's autonomy is based on the need to safeguard local customs and traditions and to protect the cultural values of the region. 


Taking care

One of the basic functions of autonomy is to protect the linguistic minorities in Italy, in the case of South Tyrol this means the German and Ladin language groups. 


What are the opportunities and advantages of the autonomy? How has the everyday life of South Tyroleans changed since 1972? 



The permanent exhibition will show you the many complex negotiations which occurred between the national government and the Autonomous Province of Bolzano from 1948 to the present day. 



25 May 2010: Silvius Magnago, President Emeritus of the Province, died in Bolzano at the age of 96. He led the provincial government from 1960 to 1989, consolidating South Tyrol politically and administratively. He is unanimously regarded as the father of the South Tyrolean autonomy. During his long term in office, he had the great merit of pursuing a peaceful coexistence between the language groups and setting South Tyrol on the road towards prosperity and development. 



Has the acquisition of autonomy contributed to the development of a new cultural identity? Do all citizens feel equally part of a community or are there still many different identities? 

Alcide Berloffa

Alcide Berloffa, together with Silvius Magnago, is considered one of the most important figures in the history of South Tyrolean autonomy. Known for his tact and compromise, during his long life he was central to negotiations between Rome, Vienna and Bolzano. In 2001, he was given the Bishop Dr Joseph Gargitter Award for his contribution to coexistence in South Tyrol. The Municipality of Bolzano dedicated him the exhibition in the station's park of Bolzano that carries his name. 



What does the future hold for us? 
How will autonomy evolve and where will it take us?


"Autonomy is not something static; instead it must be conceived as something dynamic and capable of adapting and evolving over time."   

Silvius Magnago

Info and contact


Tours of the permanent exhibition will be available: 
in Italian: on Friday 10.09.21 at 5:30pm or on Saturday 11.09.21 at 11:30am; 
in German: on Thursday 09.09.21 at 5:30pm or on Saturday 11.09.21 at 10am. 
Tours can be booked per e-mail ([email protected]) or by phone (+39 0471 32 01 62) from 9am to 12pm.
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Opening hours

The permanent exhibition is open every day of the week at all hours. To visit the exhibition without a guided tour, no reservation is necessary, and the visit is free of charge. 

Address & contact

The permanent exhibition is located in Silvius Magnago Square in Bolzano. 

Organizer: Azienda Musei Provinciali 
phone: +29 0471 32 01 62 
e-mail: [email protected]